The far-end goal of our group's activity is to develop and apply computational methods that allow us to efficiently investigate soft matter in general, and biological systems in particular. Special attention is payed to the underlying mechanical and thermodynamical properties of these systems.

To this end, various techniques are employed, most notably adaptive resolution simulations, in which different regions of the system are modeled with different degrees of detail and seamlessly joined together. Simple coarse-grained models are used to understand the relation between dynamical properties and topological entanglement in complex biopolymers, such as proteins and DNA.

Group photo
Foto credit: Nikita Tretyakov

ERC Starting Grant

The SMBM group PI Raffaello Potestio has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant for the project VARIAMOLS - "Variable resolution algorithms for macromolecular simulations".
Raffaello Potestio's new affiliation is the Physics Dept. of the University of Trento, Italy. For more information visit the VARIAMOLS homepage.