I joined the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research as a PostDoc in September 2009. Within the reserach interest of our group at MPIP, my current focus is on the determination of intermolecular transport properties from density-functional theory. Particular emphasis is placed on method development for fast evaluation of parameters governing charge/exciton transport in organic semiconductors. I obtained my PhD in Physics in February 2009 from the University of Muenster. In the theory group of Prof. Johannes Pollmann, I studied "Self-interaction corrections to density-functional theory for solids, surfaces, and nanotubes". From March to August 2009, I worked on the project "Controlling surface plasmon polaritions by purposefully designed surface structues" together with Prof. Alexei Maradudin at the University of California, Irvine. The project was supported by a postdoctoral fellowship of the DAAD.

Published in the group


[pdf] Impact of Mesoscale Order on Open-Circuit Voltage in Organic Solar Cells
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