Denis Andrienko

Since September 2005 I am a group leader in the Theory group at the Max Plank Institute for Polymer Research.

I am working on bridging the computer simulation techniques which are used to study structure and properties of materials, with a special focus on organic electronics. I also continue research on nematic colloids (in collaboration with Dr. M. Tasinkevych and Prof. S. Dietrich, MPI Stuttgart), stressed liquid crystals and nematic colloids (Dr. A. Glushchenko and Prof. J. L. West, Liquid Crystal Intitute, Kent, USA).

In 2001 I finished my PhD on the theory and simulation of confined liquid crystals at the University of Bristol (group of Prof. M. P. Allen). In 2002 I received a Humboldt Fellowship and continued my research with Prof. O. Vinogradova, MPI for Polymer Research, working on the slippage effect, mechanical properties of polyelectrolyte multilayer microcapsules, nematic colloids, and bridging forces in colloidal systems.

In May 2004 I joined the MPIP Theory Group as a postdoctoral fellow and worked on static and dynamic properties of confined polydispersed polymers, in close collaboration with Prof. K. Kremer and Dr. L. Delle Site.

I am a member of the Liquid Crystal Net founded by Prof. Yu.Reznikov at the Institute of Physics in Kiev, Ukraine.