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Group Members
Kaloian Koynov
Group Leader

Kaloian Koynov studied physics at the Sofia University, Bulgaria and received his diploma in 1993. In 1997 he received his PhD in Physics from the same university for a work on “Cascaded nonlinear optical processes and their applications for all-optical switching” in the group of Solomon Saltiel. Then he spent a postdoctoral year in the Institute for Fundamental Electronics, University Paris Sud, France, studying grating couplers into semiconductor waveguides. In 2000 he joined the department of Wolfgang Knoll at the MPI for Polymer Research as a postdoc and EU Marie Curie Fellow. Here he worked with Christoph Bubeck on the nonlinear optical properties of thin films of conjugated polymers. Since 2006 he is a Group Leader in the Physics of Interfaces department of Hans-Jürgen Butt at the MPI for Polymer Research.

Stoyan Yordanov

Stoyan YordanovIn obtained his Master of Science degree in Optics and Lasers from Sofia University, Bulgaria in 2007. Shortly after that he joined the group of Dr. Kaloian Koynov at MPI for Polymer Research for a PhD. The main topic of his work was studying the so called boundary slip phenomenon using Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Cross Correlation Spectroscopy. After his PhD he did postdoc stays at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium and at Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg, Germany working on STED Super-Resolution Microscopy and Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy. In October 2017, he rejoined Dr. Kaloian Koynov's group as a postdoc to study CaMV (plant) virus transmission by insects called aphids and investigate virus-protein interactions with the help of Laser Scanning Microscopy and FCS Fluorescence Correlation Microscopy.

Airit Agasty
PhD Student

Airit Agasty was born in Kolkata, India. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 2012. After working at the construction of a steel plant for the next two years, Airit decided to pursue his Master’s in Rubber Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, and graduated in 2016. For the past three years, he has been working on his PhD on a MSCA cofunded project at the Institute of Physical Chemsiitry in Warsaw, Poland. As part of this project, he's currently working on polymer solutions at MPIP.
He enjoys playing different boardgames and computer games, as well as being an avid follower of Liverpool FC.

Lijun Ye
PhD Student

Lijun studied material science at Hangzhou Normal University, China. For his bachelor’s thesis, he investigated on reactive compatibilization of immiscible polymer blends under the supervision of Prof. Yongjin Li. He continued his master’s degree in Prof. Li’s group to investigate phase behaviors of multicomponent polymer systems. Before he came to MPI-P, he worked as a research assistant in Prof. Li's group of polymer engineering and physics. Now as a Ph.D student in Kaloian’s lab, he is studying fluid dynamics in hydrogels. Since 2014, Lijun has published 20 scientific papers.
Next to work, Lijun enjoys listening to classical music and singing Chinese opera.

Sascha Schmidt
PhD Student

Sascha studied Chemistry in Mainz. For his master thesis he studied PEG hydrogels with simultaneous static and dynamic light scattering in the Seiffert Group in Physical chemistry department of Mainz. For his PhD he joined Kaloian´s group to investigate nanoparticle formation with FCS and TCSPC and study the behavior of drug nanocarriers in full blood.
Besides to his work at MPI-P, he like to do sport and crafting.

Valeria Vanoli
PhD Student

Valeria recently graduated with a Master degree in Material Science at the university of Milano Bicocca in Milan, Italy.
She joined the group of Dr. Koynov in 2019 for her master thesis, in cooperation with the group of Prof. Simonutti (University of Milano Bicocca).
Her work was focused on FCS and TCSPC experiments on a fluorescent molecular rotor dispersed in different polymeric matrices. She will continue her stay at MPIP for six more months in the framework of a joint PhD project.
In her free time, she likes painting, hiking and reading.

Andreas Best
Lab Engineer

Andreas Best takes care of the equipment in the Fluorescent Correlation Spectroscopy Lab and supports students and postdocs in using it. Furthermore, he helps researches in the Physics at Interfaces department to design and build new experimental setups and writes program codes for data evaluation.

Andreas Hanewald
Lab Technician

Andreas Hanewald takes care of the equipment in the Mechanical Laboratory and supports various rheological and tensile tests service measurements at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research. Furthermore, he performs DSC measurements and computer administration for the Physics at Interfaces department.

Former Members
name former position
Azhar, Ahmad Juhari PhD Student
Cao, Zhaolau PhD Student
Cherdhirankorn, Thipphaya PhD Student
Doroshenko, Mikheil PhD Student
Dostert, Karl-Heinz PhD Student
Fischer, Janina PhD Student
Gui, Xiahui PostDoc
Hesami, Mahdis PhD Student
Lbova, Anastasia PhD Student
Negwer, Inka PhD Student
Qi, Wei PostDoc
Raccis, Riccardo PhD Student
Schäffel, David PhD Student
Schultze, Jennifer PhD Student
Sheng, Yan PostDoc
Vagias, Apostolos PhD Student
Wang, Dapeng PhD Student
Xie, Jing PhD Student
Yang, Jingfa PhD Student
Yordanov, Stoyan PostDoc