Theory of Nanostructures and Transport

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Surface chemistry

Thermal transport

News and Research Highlights

22/01/2013 The Mainz Materials Simulation Days, (CECAM), will take place on June 10-12, 2013

21/01/2013 Kick-off meeting of the FP-7-ENERGY project MERGING at MPIP Mainz

06/11/2012 New publication: Water splitting on Pt steps featured in Chemistryviews

20/10/2012 Papers in Phys. Rev. Lett. and Phys Rev E get the IgNobel prize... and APS is proud of it

20/09/2012 New publication: adsorption of halogenated molecules on metallic surfaces

12/09/2012 This weekend we are at the Wissenschaftmarkt in Mainz with the Theory Group

09/09/2012 New publication: thermal transport in phase-change materials


                    3-8 February 2013

01/06/2012 New paper on thermal transport in nanowire devices.

22/02/2012 New publication about vibrational spectroscopy of graphene nanoribbons.

27/10/2011 The project “Thermal transport in carbon nanostructures” by L.F. Pereira and D. Donadio has

                    been awarded a JUGENE computing grant at the Juelich Supercomputer Center.

18/09/2011 Three new publications from the group on:

                    Proton transfer along a water wire, featured in                

                    Nanoporous SiGe:                                          link

                    Scattering matrix approach to heat transport: link

20/06/2011 First day  of the CECAM workshop on transport.

18/04/2011  Hydrocarbons at high temperature and pressure (in PNAS), and lot of fuss about abiogenic oil.

09/01/2011  CECAM workshop on thermal and electronic transport at the nanoscale (Lugano 20/6/2011)

07/12/2010  The group cluster (128 cores) is up and running

20/10/2010  News and Views in Nature Nanotechnology

20/08/2010  From the press: NanoWerk and