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Autocatalytic and Cooperatively Stabilized Dissociation of Water on a Stepped Platinum Surface

D Donadio, LM Ghiringhelli, L Delle Site

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Lattice thermal conductivity of semiconducting bulk materials: atomistic simulations

YP He, I Savic, D Donadio, G Galli

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Adsorption of Dichlorobenzene on Au and Pt Stepped Surfaces Using van der Waals Density Functional Theory

R Pekoz, K Johnston, D Donadio

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Thermal transport in phase-change materials from atomistic simulations

G C Sosso, D Donadio, S Caravati, J Behler, M Bernasconi

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Atomistic simulations of heat transport in real-scale silicon nanowire devices

I Duchemin, D Donadio

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Ab initio characterization of graphene nanoribbons and their polymer precursors

R Pekoz, X Feng, D Donadio

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Homogeneous Ice nucleation from supercooled water

TS Li, D Donadio, G Russo, G Galli

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Atomistic calculation of the thermal conductance of large scale bulk-nanowire junctions

I Duchemin, D Donadio

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Proton wires via one dimensional water chains adsorbed on metallic steps

R Scipioni, D Donadio, LM Ghiringhelli, L Delle Site

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Morphology and Temperature Dependence of the Thermal Conductivity of Nanoporous SiGe

YP He, D Donadio, G Galli

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Stability of hydrocarbons at deep Earth pressures and temperatures.

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YP He, D Donadio, G Galli

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Thermal Transport in Nanoporous Silicon: Interplay between Disorder at Mesoscopic and Atomic Scales.

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MKY Chan, J Reed, D Donadio, T Mueller, YS Meng, G Galli, G Ceder.

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Exploring the Rehydroxylation Reaction of Pyrophyllite by Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics.

E Molina-Montes, D Donadio, A Hernandez-Laguna, C Ignacio Sainz-Diaz.

J Phys Chem B (2010) vol. 114 (22) pp. 7593-7601

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