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Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
PO Box 3148
55021 Mainz


Phone: (+49) (0)6131 379 246
Fax: (+49) (0)6131 379 340

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Room 2.406
Ackermannweg 10 (south-west end of university campus)
55128 Mainz


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The new tram line Mainzelbahn is the most convenient way to go from the Central Railway Station (Hbf) to the Institute. You can take Nº 51 and 53 (terminus Lerchenberg - Hindemithstr.) and line Nº 59 (terminus Hochschule Mainz). You can enter Nº 51 and 59 at area A and Nº 53 at area L in front of the station building. If you leave the station by the rear (west) exit and walk 80 m slightly uphill to the bus/tram station "Hauptbahnhof West", you can enter all three tram lines (and some buses, see below) at the same place. You should leave the tram at "Hochschule Mainz" (area B) with MPI-P a 2 minutes' walk across Koblenzer Straße and Ackermannweg away. The full network of trams and buses in Mainz can be found here. The regular ticket is € 2.90, which can be bought from the bus driver or from the vending machine. The latter also offers a bundle of 5 single tickets ("Sammelkarte Mainz/Wiesbaden") for € 11.50. Alternatively there are all-day tickets (€ 5.80 for 1 and € 10.80 for up to 5 persons). The tickets are valid in the whole Mainz/Wiesbaden area. If you arrive with an RMV or RNN Verkehrsverbund ticket, no extra bus ticket is necessary; if you carry a long distance DB ticket with the addition 'Mainz+City', you are entitled to use buses and trams within Mainz to your final destination.

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There is now a bus line Nº 9 running directly into the campus. Enter those buses at the Central Railway Station (Hbf) bus dearture area F and leave at Duesbergweg. This bus line does not operate during the University recess times (23.3. - 13.4. and 13.7. - 16.10.).
You can save money by using buses Nº 54, 55, 56, and 58 (destination Lerchenberg, Nieder-Olm, Wackernheim or Finthen) up to "Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg". Up to that stop, a "Kurzstreckenfahrschein" for € 1.90 is sufficient. However, you have to cross the Saartraße via the pedestrian bridge and walk across the university campus for about 10 minutes. At the Central Railway Station (Hbf) you can enter these buses either (using the front exit) at bus dearture area F or using the rear (west) exit walking 80 m slightly uphill to the bus/tram station Hauptbahnhof West. Here you can also enter buses Nº 75 (destination Schwabenheim/Ingelheim) and Nº 650 (destination Sprendlingen) stopping at "Hochschule Mainz / Campusbruecke" (area E), where, after crossing the Koblenzer Straße via the bridge, you will find MPI-P to the right.

by car:
Leave Autobahn A60 (regional map [71 kB]) either at exit Mainz-Finthen / Saarstraße or Mainz-Lerchenberg (local map [86 kB]) with direction "Innenstadt" (downtown), then follow "Universität" and "MPI-Polymerforschung" signs into Ackermannweg and turn left for the parking lot - see parking map. For GPS-guided navigation the coordinates are 49.98932 (north) and 8.23006 (east).

by taxi:
The fare from Mainz Hauptbahnhof is approximately € 14. Make sure that the taxi-driver brings you to the "Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung", which is just outside the university campus, and not to the "Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie" (which is accessed via the university gate). Close to the Staudinger Lecture Hall there is a special area at Ackermannweg for taxi pick-up or drop-off (see parking map).


science For complex fluids (e.g. condensed systems with broken symmetries and/or additional internal slowly relaxing degrees of freedom) a phenomenological, macroscopic description for the long-time and large-scale dynamics is derived using general symmetry and invariance principles as well as basic thermodynamic laws. Due to their internal structure novel crosscouplings and unusual effects in external fields or near phase transitions are found. The macroscopic dynamic equations are used to investigate instabilities and pattern formation, defects and their motion, and surface dynamics. Among the systems and topics investigated more recently are banana and tetrahedral liquid crystal phases, Lehmann effects, active polar and non-polar fluids, magnetic and liquid crystalline elastomers, magnetic and colloidal fluids, Rosensweig instability, Marangoni and Soret effects, non-Newtonian hydrodynamics, thermal and magnetic convection, localized dissipative structures, solitons, breathers, and chaotic structures.

===== > for details and papers see the scientific project page

===== > 24th International Liquid Crystal Conference 2012, in Mainz

===== > Nonlinear Response and Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Anisotropic Systems 2012, in Mainz (Japanese - German Satellite Meeting of ILCC2012 within the JSPS core-to-core program)

===== > Minisymposium on the occasion of my official retirement: Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Physics 2013, in Mainz

===== > K. Kremer Festschrift: Eur. Phys. J. ST 225(8/9) (2016), Editorial [71 kB]


Harald Pleiner got his Physik Diploma at the University Stuttgart in 1974 with a diploma thesis on the role of nonlinear fluctuations at the Bénard instability. He finished his doctoral thesis on the hydrodynamics of the superfluid phases of ³He in 1977 at the University Essen (with R. Graham). Habilitation in theoretical physics was granted by the University Essen in 1983 for work on broken symmetries and hydrodynamics of liquid crystals. As a Heisenberg fellow he went abroad for several years staying at the Lab. Physique des Solides, Orsay (M. Kleman), Dept. of Physics, CU Boulder (N.A. Clark), and ITP and Materials Dept., UC Santa Barbara (P.A. Pincus ). In Germany he worked as a substitute professor for theoretical physics teaching at the Universities Essen and Augsburg. In 1992 he was appointed apl. Professor by the University Essen. He joined the new Theory Group (K. Kremer) at the MPI for Polymer Research in 1995 as a senior scientific staff member. He retired officially on May 31, 2013.


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this page in Swabian (my mother tongue)

-- preprints of the theory group

-- Instabilities and Active Matter,
-- Banana and Tetrahedral Phases,
-- Rheology,
-- Non-magnetic Liquid Crystals and Elastomers,
-- Membranes, Films, and Surfaces,
-- General Mesophases,
-- Magnetic Fluids and Elastomers

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