Instructions for the workshop

"Multiscale simulation methods for soft matter systems"

October 6, 2014 to October 8, 2014

Mainz, Germany

Very important: Registration has been CLOSED!

We are sorry, but from now on (Tuesday, August 12, 13:00) we cannot accept any more registrations. We have meanwhile so many participants that the room capacity of the lecture hall at Schloss Waldthausen is close to exhausted. Accepting more people would be irresponsible and constitute a fire hazard. Thank you for your understanding.

Important Deadlines


The workshop will take place at Schloss Waldthausen, a castle near Mainz that is used as a conference center. You can find some information on the center (in German only) at Wikipedia and at the castle's own site. For a map, see this PDF or look directly at Google maps. The castle's site also provides some travel instruction in German, in the entry "Lage und Anfahrt".

There is limited accommodation available at the castle, predominantly for the invited speakers. If you are not an invited speaker but interested in a room in the castle, please contact the organizers.


The conference center will provide all meals except breakfast during the meeting, starting with the coffee break on Monday morning, and ending with lunch at Wednesday noon. Sleepover guests will also be provided breakfast. If you have any dietary requirements (e.g. if you are a vegetarian, or have some allergies, etc.), please contact the organizers.


For those participants who do not stay at the center, and do not commute from home, we recommend that they find some hotel in Mainz. Unless you are an invited speaker, we ask you to organize this by yourself. For example, you can do this via HRS or via the Mainz City tourist office. The InterCityHotel Mainz is conveniently located near Mainz Central Station. If you book there, please let us know, and let the hotel staff know that you are a university guest and therefore should be charged the special university rate. We then confirm to the hotel staff, and this will entitle you to a (moderate) discount. Further convenient hotels near Mainz Central Station, which offer a similar discount via the same mechanism are Hotel Königshof, City Hotel Neubrunnenhof, and Hotel Hammer.

Getting there

The castle provides ample parking space. There is also a good connection by Mainz city bus, line number 64, which connects the castle with Mainz Central Station. From the web site, we have produced a bus schedule for you as a PDF. However, since this is the schedule as of January 2014, please check shortly before the meeting if it is still valid. A convenient way to get to Mainz by public transport is via Deutsche Bahn.

Conference fee

CECAM support is only available for the invited speakers. All other participants will need to pay a conference fee of

200 Euros

mainly in order to cover the meals. We ask you that you pay this amount via wire transfer to the following bank account: It is very important that all these data (in particular the last item!) are stated correctly, otherwise your payment has a high risk of getting lost in cyberspace!

At present, we do not have full overview over our expenses in detail, and possibly additional sources of funding. We are therefore not in a position to promise any support for other people than the invited speakers. This does however not imply that such a possibility (like e.g. a later partial refund of the conference fee) is strictly and definitely excluded. Nevertheless, we will know only after the meeting, which means that until then our promise of support for others than the invited speakers is zero.

How to contact us

We prefer that you use our special e-mail account for any conference-related communication:

Registration procedure

Please go first to the workshop's CECAM web site and register at the entry "Apply". The system will then inform us about your interest. From then on, please use the e-mail address given above for further communication. We will get back at you and let you know if we can accept you (please be aware that the room capacity at the center is fairly generous but nevertheless limited). If yes, please pay the fee. Your registration will be valid only after receipt of the money. You will then be informed about your successful registration. Please note also that only after payment (which is due at latest by June 30, 2014), i. e. after successful registration, you will be able to submit a poster abstract.

Program and schedule

The bulk of the program will be invited talks (45 minutes each, including discussion), see the workshop's CECAM web site for a preliminary version of the schedule.

We offer the opportunity for participants to present their work via posters. There will be an extended poster session. Please upload your abstract via the workshop's CECAM web site (for details see below). In case your poster differs from the standard format "A0 portrait", please contact us. Poster walls and pins for fixing will be provided.

The meeting does not offer the opportunity of contributed talks; oral presentations will be by invitation only.

Invited speakers:

Instructions for poster abstract submission

You should try to submit an abstract only after having paid the fee and after having been informed that the process has been successful. Without this, your attempt will be futile, since until then you will not have permission to upload any material.

After successful full registration, the procedure to submit an abstract is as follows: