I joined the theory group at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) as a Postdoctoral fellow in October 2020. In my current research, I focus on the design of stable blue thermally activated delayed fluorescence organic molecules for organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) via virtual screening.

I obtained my Ph.D. in chemistry from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2020, working in the group of Prof. Clémence Corminboeuf. During my Ph.D., my research interest lies in understanding the charge transport behaviors of organic semiconductors. In particular, I focused on revealing the structure-property-packing relationship of organic hole transport materials incorporated in perovskite solar cells. In addition, I participated in a wide variety of projects regarding aggregation-induced emission systems, DNA/carbon nanotubes interactions and the OLED host-dopant system. I received my master degree in materials science and engineering from National Taiwan University, under the supervision of Prof. Chin-Lung Kuo. During that time, I mainly focused on the lithiation mechanism of anode materials in lithium-ion batteries.

For more details of our research, please refer to my Google Scholar.