Food Science and statistical physics of soft matter

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Statistical Physics of Soft Matter

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Food Science and Soft Matter


21. 05. 2014
Rheologie und Diffusionsverhalten in wässrigen Gelatinelösungen
Karina Seuser
stitut Physikalische Chemie

14:30 Kleiner Hörsaal 1.003

Psychological consequenes of a nice meal
Prof. Dr. Werner Sommer
Humboldt-University Berlin
14:30 Staudinger Lecture Hall

Understanding Cuisine - how a look on history of cuisine offers new perspectives on contemporary fine dining
Felix Bröcker, B.A.
MPI-for Polymer Research / University of Francfort
14:30 Staudinger Lecture Hall

Smells of a modern world: positive or negative?

Prof. Dr. Andrea Büttner
Fraunhofer IVV, Freising
14:30 Staudinger Lecture Hall

The flavour network: an introduction to computational gastronomy

Dr. Sebastian Ahnert
TCM, Cavendish Laboratory, UK
14:30 Staudinger Lecture Hall


Mechanisms of plasticization and antiplasticization by water and implications for food technology
Dr. Job Ubbink
Food Concept & Physical Design, Switzerland & University of Bristol, UK
14:30; Hermann-Staudinger-Hörsaal, 1.520

Die Macht der Düfte
Vortrag im Rahmen der Reihe [polymer populär] mit
Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Hanns Hatt
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
19.00; Hermann-Staudinger-Hörsaal, 1.520

Micromechanics Models for Soft Solids including Damage
Public seminar by Dr. Maria Charalambides
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Imperial College London
14:30; Hermann-Staudinger-Hörsaal, 1.520