Package for charge/exciton transport simulations (VOTCA)

Core software developed and used by the group. It has several components: coarse-graining, evaluation of rates for charge and energy transfer, and kinetic Monte Carlo algorithm to solve the master equation.

Three-body interactions in coarse-grained force-fields

Collaborators: Tristan Bereau, Rene Scheid, Christoph Scherer

Funding: TRR146 [2019-2022]

Non-fullerene acceptors

Collaborators: Frederic Laquai, Derya Baran, Anastasia Markina, Wenlan Liu

Funding: GRC project KAUST [2019-2021]

Stability of blue phosphorescent OLEDs

Collaborators: Christian Lennartz (BASF), Falk May (Merck), Pascal Kordt, Anton Melnyk

Funding: H20/20 project MOSTOPHOS [2015-2018]

Understanding of organic/organic and organic/inogranic interfaces

Collaborators: Christian Lennartz (BASF), Falk May (Merck), Robert Lobrincic, Paul Heimel (Innovation Lab), Pascal Kord, Leanne Paterson

Funding: BMBF project InterPhase [2015-2019]

Design of efficient host/guest systems for blue phosphorescent OLEDs

Collaborators: Christian Lennartz (BASF), Falk May, Pascal Kordt

Funding: BMBF project MESOMERIE [2009-2015]

Acceptor-substituted oligothiophene derivatives for OPVs

Collaborators: Chris Elschner, Moritz Riede, Karl Leo (IAPP Dresden), Roland Fitzner, Peter Baeuerle (Uni Ulm) Klaus Meerholz, Dirk Hertel (Uni Koeln), Carl Poelking

Funding: BMBF project MEDOS [2012-2015]

Charge photogeneration in polymer-fullerene blends

Collaborators: Frederic Laquai (MPIP), Dieter Neher (Uni Potsdam), Carsten Deibel (Uni Wuerzburg), Bjoern Baumeier, Manuel Schrader

Funding: SPP 1355 [2010-2014]