I joined the theory group at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research as a master student from the University of Heidelberg in October 2011. I am currently focusing on code development, in particular the implementation of electrostatics for site energy calculations.

During my studies I received a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Heidelberg and an International Diploma (ICID) from Imperial College, London. Before joining the group at MPI-P, I was affiliated with the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics at Heidelberg University and the Spitzencluster Forum Organic Electronics, where I developed computational schemes to accurately determine molecular orientation at interfaces based on infrared ellipsometry.

Published in the group


Molecular-scale calibration of device energy levels by charge-quadrupole interactions
M. Schwarze, K. Schellhammer, Ch. Gaul, K. Ortstein, M. Lau, G. Cuniberti, C. Poelking, D. Andrienko, F. Ortmann, K. Leo
submitted, 2019,


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C. Poelking, D. Andrienko
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[pdf] Impact of Mesoscale Order on Open-Circuit Voltage in Organic Solar Cells
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C. Poelking, D. Andrienko
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