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NAMET - New Approaches in Many-Electron Theory:

Basic Physical Principles and Mathematical Rigor

This interdisciplinary workshop will focus on the theoretical foundation of
many-electron models and on its numerical implementations, with a
special focus on quantum Monte Carlo, density functionals and
(reduced) density matrix functionals. Much progress has been made on
the numerical implementation of such functionals to calculate the main
properties of chemical, physical, or material properties of matter,
but in many respects the theoretical and mathematical foundation of
those simplifying approximations to the quantum-mechanical energy of
many-electron systems remains a challenge to research. The aim of this
workshop is to bring together mathematicians, physicists and chemists
who work in the field along the directions mentioned above and to
serve as a forum to enhance the exchange between these scientific
communities. Specific topics included in this workshop are, e.g.,
kinetic energy functionals, electron correlations, and quantum monte
carlo methods. The workshop consists of about 20 invited lectures
and ten selected contributions, for which young scientists (postdocs
and PhD students) would be preferred.
The workshop is open, free of charges, to students of the Max-Planck
Graduate Center and of the University of Mainz.

Date 20-24th of September 2010.

The organizers of the NAMET workshop are
Volker Bach and Luigi Delle Site

Sponsor: Max-Planck Graduate Center

Roundup of NAMET 2010

NAMET Group Picture

NAMET has provided a common platform for researchers in different fields
(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science) to meet and discuss
about new ideas in many-electron theory. Despite different languages and
the focus on different priorities, a liveable exchange of opinions and
ideas dominated the workshop. The final impression is that all of us got
to learn something new and useful to our own research. Let us hope to
have further NAMET meetings in the future.

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