583. WE-Heraeus-Seminar

Deadline for registration: October 31th, 2014

583rd Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Seminar
Electrochemical Surface Science
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany, 18 - 22 January 2015

With the Heraeus Seminar ”Electrochemical Surface Science”, we want to bring together the new generation of electrochemical physicists to discuss how electrochemical methods and concepts can enable efficient progress in surface science of electrified solid/liquid interfaces. Knowledge in fundamental electrochemistry can significantly contribute to innovative physics research if the connection between classical electrochemistry and classical surface science researchers is strengthened. In bringing together senior experts and young researchers that work at the interface of electrochemistry and (classical) surface science, we will tackle key questions about structure, reactivity and electronic properties of interfaces, and subsequent applications, that either of the traditionally separated communities alone is not capable of addressing.

The seminar is structured around four themes of particular relevance to electrochemical surface science, where questions that emerge under one theme can stimulate developments in another: non-traditional electroactive materials, advanced in situ surface characterisation methods, electrochemical nanoscience, and theoretical modelling of electrochemical interfaces.

We wish to create a stimulating environment to:

  • exchange knowledge and ideas in electrochemical surface science, furthering the connection between theoretical and experimental research of the interrelation between charge transfer and chemical reactions at solid/liquid interfaces, with focus on the key topics as discussed above
  • foster collaborations between electrochemists and physicists, between the new generation electrochemical physicists and experienced researchers
  • enhance interest in fundamental electrochemistry among students of different disciplines
  • formulate visions with respect to 21st century electrochemical surface science research paths and student training

To achieve these goals, the number of participants is limited to 75 and ample time for discussion and networking is provided.

To foster junior researchers, MSc/PhD students and postdocs are particularly encouraged to submit abstracts. These contributions will be selected for oral presentations or will be presented as posters in 1-min flash presentations and a regular poster session. Furthermore, a Best Poster Prize will be awarded.

The seminar is taking place at the conference center "Physikzentrum Bad Honnef". Board and lodging is within the stately mansion. Public transport offers convenient access to nearby cities of Bonn (15 km) and Cologne (40 km).