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Main Group Seminar AK Spiess

Main Group Seminar AK Spiess, Winter Semester 2011/12

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16 November 2011

Integrating Microfluidics and NMR Spectroscopy Through Inductive Coupling

Dr. Marcel Utz
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia, USA

23 November 2011

Glasses & Polymers: Insight(s) from Solid-State NMR

Dr. Nina Forler
AK Spiess

30 November 2011

Investigations on the structural properties of Maltose Binding Protein by means of EPR Spectroscopy

Jörg Reichenwallner
AK Spiess

07 December 2011

Effects of Ionic Liquids and Temperature on the Solution Structure of Human Serum Albumin

Dr. Yasar Akdogan
AK Spiess

14 December 2011

Hyperpolarization of 13C by Parahydrogen Induced Polarization

Dirk Graafen
Medical Physics, University clinics Mainz & AK Spiess

11 January 2012

Electrostatics at the Nanoscale – EPR and Self-Assembly

Dennis Kurzbach
AK Spiess

18 January 2012

Proton transport membranes based on liquid-crystalline polymers having columnar mesophases

Asta Sakalyte
Department of Chemical Engineering, Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain

25 January 2012

Xe NMR for Investigations of Complex and Dynamic Systems

Mathis Düwel
AK Spiess

01 February 2012

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for MRI: An In-bore Approach at 1.5 T

Jan Krummenacker
Department of chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences, University of Frankfurt, Germany

08 February 2012

Structure of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and Adsorption of Small Molecules studied by Solid-State NMR

PD Dr. Marko Bertmer
Institute for experimental physics II, University of Leipzig, Germany

15 February 2012


Dr. Maria Belen Franzoni
AK Spiess

22 February 2012

Supramolecular packing and hydrogen bonding in organic functionalized materials from first principles

Dr. Dymtro Dudenko
AK Spiess

29 February 2012



07 March 2012

Human Papillomavirus Type 16 (HPV16) Capsid-Cell Interactions studied by EPR Spectroscopy

Timo Bund
AK Spiess