Hyperpolarization Group

Hyperpolarization Methods

NMR and related techniques have become indispensable tools with innumerable applications in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. One of the main obstacles in NMR is its notorious lack of sensitivity, which is due to the low equilibrium polarization of nuclear spins at ambient temperature. To improve on this deficiency, different hyperpolarization (HP) methods have been established to generate non-Boltzman spin populations and thus increase NMR and MRI signals by several orders of magnitude.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine: Spotlight on the spin

(in: Jahrbuch der MPG (2011) [in german])

In our group we use different polarization techniques:

Parahydrogen Induced Polarization (PHIP)

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP)

Hyperpolarized Gases

Contact: K. Münnemann