PD Dr. Doris Vollmer
room: 1.111
phone:06131-379 208
fax: 06131-379 310

Doris Vollmer was born June 2nd 1964 in Ostercappeln. She studied physics from 1983-1990 at the University of Bielefeld, the ETH Zürich (Switzerland) and the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), where she received her master diploma. Her master thesis in theoretical physics was on lattice gas cellular automata with temperature, and her experimental thesis on nucleation in amorphous silicon.

1991-1994. PhD thesis work in Hans-Friedrich Eicke's group at the University of Basel (Switzerland), on structural and thermodynamic transitions in microemulsion systems.

1995-2000. Habilitation work in Manfred Schmidt's group at the University of Mainz, on phase transitions in microemulsions and their dynamics. During this period she also became interested in polyelectrolytes. She received two research fellowships from the German Science Foundation, and was awarded the H.-P. Kaufmann Preis of the Society of Fett/lipids for her contributions to microemulsions.

2001-2002. Marie Curie fellow at the Institute of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh (Great Britain). During this period she expended her field of activity towards the kinetics of phase separation under constant cooling in binary mixtures and on the phase separation and network formation in suspensions of liquid crystals and colloids.

Dec. 2002 she joined the group of Hans-Jürgen Butt at the MPIP, and became a project leader in May 2003. Doris Vollmer is married and has two children.